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Page Title: Casing Reassembly.
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(3) Install intake cover (52) and fasten with
between  the  motor  and  the  cam
three screws (49).
(4) Position  the  heater  mounting  base
(6) Insert the screws and lock washers
assembly (75) on the casing and the
through the contact plate (42), and place
combustion chamber, and fasten to the
the spacers (68) on threaded end of the
casing with two screws (76).
screws. Insert the screws straight through
motor (66). Make sure the teeth of the
(5) Install the seal (27), washer (26), and
cam collar (43) engage the rubbing block
spark plug (25) on the burner.
of the movable contact. Position the shell
Limit Switch Installation.  Position the limit
assembly (77) on the opposite end of
switch (2) on the combustion chamber. Place the switch
motor, and attach with the two screws
retainer (3) on the switch and fasten to the weld nuts on
inserted through the motor into the tapped
the combustion chamber with two screws (4). Connect
holes of the shell.
the lead wires to the switch.
(7) Install the contact plate cap (54) over the
k.  Control Head Installation.
cam assembly and the contact plate
(1) Position the control head assembly (21)
assembly, and fasten with three screws
on the heater, and fasten to the casing
(55).  Connect the lead wire from the
with the screw (9) and to the combustion
ignition coil to the contact plate terminal.
chamber stud with the nut (20).
(8) Place the fan (38) on the motor shaft and
(2) Insert the tube of the flame switch (11)
adjust the mounting position to allow
into the flame switch support tube of the
approximately 1 6-inch clearance between
combustion chamber and tighten the
shell and fan. Tighten setscrew (37) with
mounting nut.
Connect the wires as
a screwdriver inserted through the shell
indicated in the wiring diagram (fig. 71.7).
intake opening to secure fan to motor
(3) Connect the fuel tube (15, fig. 71.31) to
shaft. Make sure the setscrew is aligned
the metering tee and union with sleeves
with the flat on the motor shaft.
(17) and nuts (16).
(9) Position  the  combustion  air  blower
(4) Connect the primary lead wires of the coil
assembly  (63)  on  four  combustion
shield and connect the high-tension wire
chamber  studs.
Apply  a  coat  of
to the spark plug, as indicated in the
wiring diagram (fig. 71.7).
Grade No. 3" for sealing. Fasten with the
(5) Install the cover (18, fig. 71.31) and
four nuts (65). Rotate motor shaft slowly
fasten with the two screws (12).
to make certain the fan does not hit any
195. Personnel Heater
stationary parts.
(fig. 71.33).
Casing Reassembly.
Removal.  Disconnect the electrical leads.
(1) Place the casing (53) over the assembled
Remove the defroster hose and liquid hoses. Remove
blower, burner, and combustion chamber,
attaching hardware and lift the heater out of the cab.
passing the three lead wires through the
b.  Installation. Install in reverse of removal.
grommet (48). Fasten together the edges
of the casing with screws.
196. Defroster Blower
(fig. 71.33).
Fasten the casing to the combustion
Removal.  Remove the defroster hose and
chamber with four screws (50). Install the
disconnect the electrical lead at the blower. Re
combustion air seal (62) on the intake port
of the blower shell.
AGO 5667A

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