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Page Title: Special instructions
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SB 740-95-700
c.  Special instructions. In addition to criteria
or supply of the test equipment. Establish a calibration
system for the calibration of inspection measuring gages
for evaluation contained in this paragraph, special criteria
and test equipment to the requirements of AR 750-25.
for certain items or groups of items are provided, when
The records and reports required in calibration of Army
necessary, in the applicable appendixes of this bulletin.
d.  Procedure for rounding off.
equipment are described in TB 75025.
requirements, when stated, indicate the number of
significant digits to be retained, i.e., the last figure or
Reports and reporting. Report inspections and
decimal place to be reported.  The procedure given
tests made using this bulletin to the commands
below is to be used in rounding off observed or
designated in the following subparagraphs. Report on
calculated values for the purpose of evaluation.
the designated forms.
(1) When the first digit dropped is less
a.  Forms.
than 5, the preceding digit is not changed. When the first
(1) Munitions Surveillance Report (DA
digit dropped is greater than 5, or 5 and some
Form 984, 1 Jun 80). Use this form to record and report
succeeding digit is not zero, the preceding digit is
the results of all examinations and tests when conducting
increased by 1. When the first digit dropped is 5, and
initial receipt inspection (only on items not received as
there are no succeeding digits or all succeeding digits
new or reconditioned), cyclical inspection (surveillance
are zero, add 1 to the preceding digit if it is odd and
inspection), or pre-issue inspection.
leave it un- changed if it is even.
(2) Examples when rounding to two decimal places:
This form may also be used for special
2.3142 = 2.31
The first digit dropped is less than
inspection when so directed by higher
2.3249 = 2.32
5-leave preceding digits unchanged
regardless of any succeeding digits.
Form Instructions
2.3150 = 2.32
The first digit dropped is exactly 5.
Part I: Descriptive Data of Ammunition Represented By
2.3250 = 2.32
or 5 followed by zeroes-add 1 to the
preceding digit if it is odd and leave
(a) Block 1. Enter the actual storage
it unchanged if it is even.
location,  which may not necessarily be the depot or
2.3152 = 2.32
The first digit dropped is 5 fol-
storage ac- tivity having accountability.
2.3252 = 2.33
lowed by other than zeroes-add 1 to
(b) Block 2.  Enter the local report
the preceding digit.
2.3160 = 2.32
The first digit dropped is greater
(c) Block 3.  Enter the date of the
2.3260 = 2.33
than 5-add 1 to the preceding digit
regardless of any succeeding digits.
(d) Block 4.
Enter the complete
e.  Condition coding. Based on evaluation, lots
standard no- menclature and model number of the item.
o: items shall be assigned appropriate condition codes a:
(e) Block 5.  Record the complete
explained in AR 725-50. Enter the condition codes ii Part
manufacturer's lot number.
When surveillance is
I, Block 21b and 21c, of DA Form 984. See paragraph
authorized on the basis of a depot lot, miscellaneous lot,
2-9a(1), Part, I (v) and (w) of this bulletin.
or grand lot, enter the lot number applicable to the type
of lot, and complete DA Form 985 (Data Sheet for Grand
Surveillance test and measuring equipment.
Lots,  Miscellaneous lots, or Depot Lots) using the
a.  Availability and adequacy. Availability and
instructions in paragraph 2-9a(2).
adequacy of all test and measuring equipment required t,
(f)  Block 6. Describe the packing of
perform the examinations and tests required by this
the items in narrative form.
bulletin shall be determined by a qualified inspector If
(g) Block 7. Enter the National Stock
test  or  measuring  equipment  is  unavailable  or
Number (NSN) of the item.
inadequate,  report  such  within  30  days  to  the
Block 8. Enter the current and
Commander U.S.
Army Armament, Munitions and
past type of storage, e.g., heated warehouse, unheated
Chemical Command, ATTN: AMSMC-QAG for weapon
ware- house, shed, or open.
items o AMSMC-QAW for fire control items, Rock Island,
(i)  Block 9.  Record the number of
I] 61299-6000.
samples selected for examination and test.
b.  Calibration.
Calibrate  the  test  and
(j)  Block 10. Record the number of
measuring  equipment  at  established  intervals  in
items (minus the sample size if the samples cannot be
accordance wit
the applicable technical bulletin,
returned to the lot) remaining in the lot at the depot.
technical manual, or instruction manual.  In the event
(k) Block 11. Self-explanatory.
that adequate calibration procedures are not included in
these  documents,  request  the  proper  calibration
procedure from the organization responsible for design

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