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Page Title: Fig. 5 Exploded View of Suspended Bowl Type Fuel Pump
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TRUCK SERVICE MANUAL TM 5-4210-230-14&P-1 FUEL SYSTEM 7. Take  out  the  two  valve  housing-to  air  dome  and  filter cover mounting screws and separate the valve housing from  the  air  dome  and  filter  cover.    Remove  the  air dome diaphragm. Fig.  5  Exploded View of Suspended Bowl Type Fuel Pump Legend for Fig.  5. Key Description 1 GASKET, Mounting 2 LEVER, Cam 3 SPRING, Cam Lever 4 LEVER, Diaphragm 5 PIN, Cam Lever 6 BODY, Pump 7 SEAL, Oil Assembly 8 SPRING, Diaphragm 9 DIAPHRAGM, Pump 10 VALVE, Inlet and Outlet 11 HOUSING, Valve 12 DIAPHRAGM, Air Dome 13 COVER 14 GASKET, Element Bowl 15 ELEMENT, Paper or Ceramic 16 SPRING, Element (If Used) 17 BOWL, Fuel 18 RETAINER, with SCREW Inspection Whenever  the  fuel  pump  is  serviced  there  are  some parts which should always be replaced whether the old parts appear  serviceable  or  not.    These  parts  are  the  diaphragm assembly, air dome diaphragm, filter bowl gasket, ceramic or paper  filters,  valve  and  cage,  cam  lever  shaft  seal  plug  and the pump-to-crankcase gasket.  Fuel pump repair kits containing all these parts are available.  All other parts should be inspected as follows: 1. Inspect  the  pump  body,  valve  housing,  air  dome  and filter cover for cracks or breakage in castings. 2. Check the mating surfaces of castings for warpage. 3. Inspect the body and cover for stripped screw threads. 4. Check the rocker arm for wear at the camshaft contact point and also at the pivot point. Assembly All  suspended  or  side-mounted  bowl  type  fuel  pumps will   have   an   assembly   procedure   similar   to   the   following. Refer to Fig.  6. 1. Place new air dome diaphragm (9) on the dome section of air dome and filter cover (10).  Position the open half of the diaphragm over the inlet section of the air dome. 2. Install   the   valve    and   cage   assembly   in   the   valve housing if they were removed. 3. Assemble valve housing assembly (7) to the air dome and filter cover assembly so that the intake side of the housing  mates  with  the  intake  side  of  the  air  dome. Insert  two  mounting  screws  (6)  with  lockwashers  and tighten securely. 4. Install new diaphragm assembly (5) to pump body (20). 5. Insert cam lever (1) into the opening in the pump body. Compress   the   diaphragm   spring   slightly   so   that   the forked end of the cam lever engages under the retainer on the end of the diaphragm spring. 6. Fasten the cam lever in the pump body with cam lever pin   (21)   and   secure   the   pin   with   cam   lever   shaft retaining  spring  pin  (4).    Seal  the  pin  opening  in  the pump body with cam lever shaft seal plug (3). 7. Check     the     match     marks     made     at     the     time     of disassembly   on   the   pump   body   and   valve   housing assembly and install the valve housing assembly to the pump body. 8. Install    mounting    screws    (8)    with    lockwashers    but tighten  only  enough  for  the  screws  to  just  touch  the lockwashers. CTS-2050-F  Page 7 PRINTED IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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