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Page Title: Fig. 18. Removing Spirolox Lock Ring and Thrust Washer
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TRUCK SERVICE MANUAL TM 5-4210-230-14&P-1 AXLES-FRONT Remove the friction shoe spring (3) as shown in Fig. 17.  Friction shoes (4) may now be lifted out of roller cage (9). Fig. 18.  Removing Spirolox Lock Ring and Thrust Washer Remove  the  Spirolox  lock  ring  (15)  and  thrust  washer  (13) from the hub body (6).  See Fig. 18. Clutch Body (Lock-O-Matic) Disassembly   of   the   Lock-O-Matic   clutch   body   is identical  to  that  of  the  manual  type.    Therefore,  refer  to  the disassembly  procedure  outlined  under  "Clutch  Body  (Manual Type)" when disassembling the Lock-O-Matic hub. CLEANING, INSPECTION AND REPAIR Thoroughly wash all parts of the locking hub using a good cleaning solvent.  Dry all parts with compressed air or a clean, lint-free cloth. Inspect all parts for wear or damage.  Check needle bearings,   rollers,   axle   shaft   hub   and   hub   body   for   pits   or cracks.  Splines of axle shaft hub and clutch ring should be a free  sliding  fit.    If  splines  are  worn  or  damaged,  these  parts should  be  replaced.    Use  all  new  O-ring  seals  and  gaskets during reassembly. REASSEMBLY Hub Body (Manual Type) If hub body needle bearing has been removed, install new bearing being careful not to damage it. Place axle shaft hub (4) into hub body (3) as shown in Fig. 7.  Secure axle shaft hub (4) in body (3) by installing snap ring (1) in groove in end of axle shaft hub. Clutch Body (Manual Type) Apply  a  small  amount  of  chassis  lubricant  on  the bearing side and in the grooves of the control assembly (16). Install new O-ring seals (10 and 17) on control assembly (16). If  the  hub  has  a  seal  groove,  position  the  split  towards  the outside of dial.  Place disc (9) on inside (clutch side) of clutch body (13).  See Fig. 10. Assemble  clutch  screw  (8)  into  clutch  ring  (6)  from back side (Fig.8).  Be certain clutch screw works freely.  If it is sticky in any position, tap lightly from the back side.  Drop in clutch  ring  and  screw  assembly.    NOTE:  Clutch  screw  (8) should  be  flush  with  the  back  edge  of  clutch  ring  (6).    Insert the twelve drive pins (11).  Try clutch ring for a free sliding fit on drive pins.  If it doesn't move freely from top to bottom, lift out  clutch  ring  and  screw  assembly  and  turn  it  to  another position.  If it still does not move freely, it should be removed and  the  clutch  ring  (6),  clutch  body  (13)  and  drive  pins  (11) examined for damage. Apply  a  light  grade  chassis  lubricant  to  the  inside face of the clutch body (13) and disc (9) from the front side of the clutch body./ NOTE: Hold hand over drive pins to prevent their falling out. Position  control  assembly  (16)  with  dowel  pin  (20) into  face  of  clutch  body  (13)  so  the  arrow  stops  on  the  dot marked  "FREE."    Install  and  tighten  the  flat  head  screw  (7) into   the   control   assembly   (16).      NOTE:   If   screw   (7)   was damaged during disassembly, it should be replaced. To check clutch screw setting, turn control assembly (16) from "LOCK" to "FREE" position and back several times. Control   assembly   should   "snap"   into   both   positions.      In "FREE"  position  clutch  ring  (6)  should  just  clear  bottom  of clutch body (13). NOTE:   If   clutch   ring   is   set   too   far   above bottom of clutch body when set in the "FREE" position,  axle  shaft  hub  (4)  will  rub  face  of clutch ring. Stake dowel pin (20) and flat head screw (7). Turn control assembly (16) to "FREE" position and apply a thin coating of light grade chassis lubricant around the clutch screw (8) and drive pins (11). CTS-2209-H  Page 8 PRINTED IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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