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TM5-4210-229-14&P 6-13.  FLYWHEEL, CRANKSHAFT, AND MAIN BEARING MAINTENANCE (Continued). (b) Install new oil jet tubes with the same pilot driver. (c) The jet tube (when installed) must not project above the surface; but must be recessed 1/8 inch (3mm) below the sur- face. (d) The top half of the main bearing insert is slotted to provide a flow of oil to the jet tubes and camshaft bushings. INSTALLATION a.  Crankcase trueness cheek (prior to installation). (1) Using a lint-free cloth (Appendix D, Item 14) wipe the bearing supports of the crankcase free of oil. (2) Support the crankcase bottom side up using wooden blocks to level it. (3) Install the upper halves of the bearings (bearings with oil hole in center) on the crankcase. (a) If the original bearings are to be rein- stalled, be sure they go to the positions from which they were removed. (b) The nibs of the bearings must fit into the notches in the crankcase bearing supports. (4) Apply bluing ink (Appendix D, Item 23) on the crankshaft main journals and lower them carefully and evenly onto the bearings.  Do not install the bearing caps and lower bear- ings. (5) Rotate the crankshaft approximately 1/2 revolution. (6) Remove the crankshaft evenly and inspect the upper bearings for an even transfer of bluing (Appendix D, Item 23) from journals to bearings. (7) Replace any bearings that do not show an over-all even bluing. NOTE Replace all bearings with new, if one of the original bearings has to be replaced. (8) When satisfied that the crankcase is in good order and free from any distortion and burrs around the upper bearing seats, pro- ceed with installation. (a) Clean all bluing from the bearings and crankshaft journals. (b) If using the original bearings coat the bearing surfaces with a small amount of clean oil (Appendix D, Item 37). (c) Install the bearing halves (bearing with oil hole in center). (d) Carefully install the crankshaft. b.  New main bearing caps installation. (1) Place a drill rod or a new drill of any size from 1/4 to 1/2 in (6 to 13 mm) in the bore of the OLD caps.  Measure the distance from the face of the cap to the drill rod shank with a depth gauge and record the reading. (2) Measure the diameter of the drill rod shank with a micrometer and add this reading to the one taken with the depth gauge, to de- rive dimension. NOTE If the cap being replaced is broken and dimen- sion cannot be determined, use one of the other caps to measure this dimension.  Install and torque the capscrews to 115 ft-lb (155 N.m) before continuing. 6-39

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