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Page Title: Removal of Tapered Pin
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TM 9-254 3-1. Tapered Pins and Tapered Holes - Continued e. Installation of Tapered Pin (fig. 3-3).  To install a tapered pin, first be sure that the hole is properly lined up as outlined in paragraph d above.  A clean hole and a well machined pin should fit together within one-sixteenth of an inch of the final position.  If this is not true, check the pin for burrs and the hole for poor alinement of parts.  Support work with a V- block and position tapered pin into knob of worm shaft assembly.  Place the flat tip of a drive pin punch over the exposed end of the tapered pin.  Give one sharp tap on the end of the drive pin punch with a hammer to set the tapered pin.  Check to  insure  that  the  tapered  pin  has  seated  properly  and  the  knob  is  securely  fastened  to  shaft.    If  tapered  pin  protrudes through the hole, file off excess pin until it is flush with the surface. Figure 3-3.  Installing a Tapered Pin In a Wormshaft Assembly f. Removal of Tapered Pin (fig. 3-3).  To remove a tapered pin, look to determine which is the smaller of the two ends.  Support the work on a V-block with smallest end facing up.  Select a drive pin punch slightly smaller in diameter than the small end of the pin.  Place the flat tip of a drive pin punch against the small end of the pin and strike the punch one sharp blow using a hammer.  Such a blow will usually remove the pin, whereas several haphazardly struck blows will damage the end of the pin  Determine the size of the hammer according to the size of the job. 3-2. Reconditioning Damaged Tapered Holes. When  the  tapered  hole  has  become  damaged  because  of  reasons  previously  outlined,  the  hole  must  be  reconditioned before a pin can be installed.  The reconditioned hole and the new pin will, in most cases, be one size larger because of the material removed from the hole.  As in the case of a new hole, the repair will involve drilling and reaming.  Line up the tapers of both parts and secure the assembly on the drill press with the hole perpendicular to the drill press table.  Select the proper size drill that will be necessary to provide a hole of the next larger size.  Check the drill for centering in the hole and drill.  Ream out the hole with the proper size tapered reamer.  Check to see how far the pin drops into the hole, then touch up the hole with the reamer until the pin seats properly.  If tapered pin protrudes through the hole, file off excess pin until it is flush with the surface. 3-3

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