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Page Title: Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) (SF 368)
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SB 740-95-700
(d) Block 4.
State the previous
information  concerning  the  extent  of,  and  the
circumstances pertaining to, the critical defect.
serviceability of each lot composing the grand lot,
b.  Errors in reporting.
miscellaneous lot or depot lot.
(e) Block 5.  Enter the method of
(1) Only errors that affect the serviceability
sta- tus of the materiel being evaluated need be
(f)  Block 6. Not applicable.
corrected. Make corrections by replacing those specific
pages af- fected by the error with "Corrected Copies".
(g) Column
(2) The inspection activity that initiated the
manufacturer or manufacturers of the individual lots
erroneous report shall prepare and distribute the
forming the grant lot miscellaneous lot, or depot lot.
corrected pages required by (1) above. Each such page
(h) Column
shall be marked "Corrected Copy". Denote the corrected
manufacturer's lot number for each of the individual lots.
entries by encircling them.
(i)  Column c.  Enter the date of
c.  Classified  data.
Unless  specifically
manufacture o each lot.
authoried by the US Army Armament, Munitions and
(j)  Column d. Enter the lot size for
Chemical Command, Security Office, place no classified
the individual lots listed in column b. Total the column
infor- mation on the materiel serviceability reports. Use
values an( enter the sum in the total block at the foot of
special codes as much as possible in preparing the doc-
this column.
uments when material or information is classified.  If
(k) Column e. Record the number of
classified information is required, place it on a separate
sample selected for test from each lot listed in column b.
sheet, not the materiel serviceability report form. Properly
Total the column values and enter the sum in the total
mark this sheet and transmit it by authorized means
block at the foot of the column.
according to its degree of classification. Attention is
(l)  Column f. Record the number of
directed to AR 380-5 which states that unnecessary
sample selected for visual examination from each lot
classification or higher than necessary correction is to be
listed in column b. Total the column values and enter the
sun in the total block at the foot of the column.
d.  Submission of reports. With the exception
(m) Columns g, h, and i.
of re- ports used for "Special Inspection", submit the
original and two copies of all reports required by this
(n) Remarks.   Enter any pertinent
bulletin to the Commander, US Army Armament,
information: regarding formation of the lot or sampling
Munitions and Chemical Command, ATTN: AMSMC-
QAG for weapon items or AMSMC-QAW for fire control
(o) Supplementing
items, Rock Island, IL 61299-6000.
report number.
The  report  number  here  shall
correspond wit] that entered on DA Form 984.
Special instruction.
(p) Other blocks. Self-explanatory.
(3) Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) (SF
TRC cross-referencing. For any TRC other than
368) Submit this form when initial receipt inspection
those defined in paragraph 2-6f, find the TRC code in
reveals unsatisfactory new materiel from a manufacturer
appendix A for the item to be inspected. Then, refer to
or unsatisfactorily renovated, repaired, or modified
the table of contents of this bulletin.  In the column
materiel from a contractor. Prepare an distribute SF 368
headed TRC, locate the TRC and then the correspond-
as specified in AR 702-7.
ing appendix. Go to that appendix and perform the ad-
(4) Critical defects report. When a critical
ditional inspection as required for the item. The TRC is
defect is found, report it immediately to the Commander,
also given in the heading of each appendix and near the
U Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command
SB number on each page of the appendix.
ATTN: AMSMC-QAG for weapon items or AMSMC QAW
for fire control items, Road Island, IL 61299 6000.
Report the incident via teletype or telephone and follow
the initial report with a DA Form 984 giving complete

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