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Page Title: Special Information.
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Recoverability Code - TM-9-4931-363-14-P0137
TM-9-4931-363-14-P Fire Control Subsystem Test Set AN/GSM-249 P/N 2201736-05 Manual
Section II. REPAIR PARTS LIST - TM-9-4931-363-14-P0139
TM 9-4931-363-14&P
description. In the Special Tools List, the initial basis of
supply has been assigned one unique NIIN and
issue (BOI) appears as the last line in the entry for each
changing one digit of the NIIN will result in the
special tool, special TMDE, and other special support
receipt of the wrong item.
equipment. When density of equipments supported exceeds
d. Action change codes indicated in the left-hand
density spread indicated in the basis of issue, the total
margin of the listing page denote the following:
authorization is increased accordingly.
N - Indicates an added item
g, Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the standard of the
basic quantity of the listed item as used in performing the
C - Indicates a change in data
actual maintenance function. This measure is expressed by
a two-character alphabetical abbreviation (e.g., ea, in., pr,
R - Indicates a change in NSN only
etc.). When the unit of measure differs from the unit of
issue, the lowest unit of issue that will satisfy the required
B-5. How to Locate Repair Parts.
units of measure will be requisitioned.
a. When National Stock Number or Part Number is
h. Quantity Incorporated in Unit. Indicates the
quantity of the item used in the breakout shown on the
illustration figure, which is prepared for a functional group,
(1) First. Using the table of contents, determine the
subfunctional group, or an assembly. A "V" appearing in
functional group within which the item belongs. This is
this column in lieu of a quantity indicates that no specific
necessary since illustrations are prepared for functional
quantity is applicable (e.g., shims, spacers, etc.).
groups, and listings are divided into the same groups.
( 2 ) Second. Find the illustration covering the
B-4. Special Information.
functional group to which the item belongs.
a. Bulk materials required to manufacture items are
(3) Third. Identify the item on the illustration and
listed in the Bulk Material Group of this manual.
note the illustration figure and item number of the item.
b. Detailed assembly instructions for items source coded
(4) Fourth. Using the Repair Parts Listing, find the
t o be assembled are found in  TM 9-4931-363-14&P.
figure and item number noted on the illustration.
Assembly components are listed immediately following the
item to be assembled.
b. When National Stock Number or Part Number is
c. National stock numbers (NSN'S) omitted in this
(1) First. Using the Index of National Stock Numbers
appendix were not available at the time of printing. These
a n d Part Numbers, find the pertinent National stock
items will be requisitioned by their resigned part number.
number or part number. This index is in NIIN sequence
Changes will be issued to the manual upon receipt of the
f o l l o w e d by a list of part numbers in alphanumeric
applicable NSN'S by ARMCOM.
sequence, cross-referenced to the illustration figure number
and item number.
(2) Second. After finding the figure and item number,
New NSN'S now entering the Federal Supply
locate the figure and item number in the repair parts list.
system are carrying an "01" rather than "00"
for the country code identification. An NSN
B-6. Abbreviations.
with "00" as the first two digits of the National
Item Identification Number (NIIN) is not the
same as an NSN with "01" even though the
Federal Supply Class (FSC) and the last seven
digits are the same. "The NIIN that is published
Helmet sight subsystem
is the NIIN that should be used." An item of
Next higher assembly

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