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Page Title: Assembly (cont)
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TM 5-4210-233-14&P-1 5-39.  STEERING GEAR-Continued (36) If the replacement Teflon washer (21) is not an integral part of the two-piece seal (20) and the sector shaft (2) did not pass the "thumb nail test." assemble the steel backup washer (22) and then the Teflon washer (21) into the side cover (15) bearing bore. CAUTION Be  sure  the  two  piece  seal  and  the  side  cover  bearing  rolls remain correctly assembled and that the vent plug (23) has been removed during these procedures. (37) Assemble retaining ring (19) onto the side cover end of sector shaft (2). Assemble the two-piece seal (20) onto the end of the sector shaft about 1 inch (25.4 mm). The words "oil side" on the seal must face toward the sector shaft. (38) Be sure the side cover bearing, the sector shaft bearing diameter and seal are well greased, then insert sector shaft (2) assembly into the side cover (1 5) bearing only until the shaft will retain the loose side cover bearing rolls in place (about 8 turns of adjusting screw). Slowly and carefully work the two piece seal (20) down the sector shaft and squarely into the side cover until it is past the retaining ring groove. Then work the retaining ring (19) into the retaining ring groove. Carefully turn the adjusting screw (8) through side cover until it reaches solid height then back screw one turn, so that the side cover rotates freely on sector shaft. WARNING Do   not   weld   or   otherwise   plug   this   hole   in   any   permanent manner.  This  is  a  safety  vent  which  functions  only  if  the  side cover  seal  fails.  If  the  seal  fails  and  the  plug  cannot  vent,  the steering gear may lockup or otherwise malfunction. (39) Assemble the vent plug (23) into the hole provided on the side cover (15). Press the vent plug in flush with the side cover. (40) Assemble the jam nut (7) onto the adjusting screw (8) a few threads. (41) Apply clean high temperature grease (Item 15, Appendix E) to the new side cover gasket (17), and assemble it onto the side cover (15). There must be enough grease to hold the gasket in place. CAUTION If the rack piston is not centered when sector shaft is installed, the gear travel will be severely limited in one direction of travel, and  significant  internal  damage  to  the  steering  gear  can  occur when the gear is operated. (42) There are four teeth on the rack piston (46). Position the tooth space between the second and third teeth in the center of the housing sector shaft cavity. This will center the rack piston in the cavity. 5-233

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