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Page Title: Assembly (cont)
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TM 5-4210-233-14&P-1 5-39.  STEERING GEAR-Continued WARNING The thrust washer must be securely in place on the valve sleeve. If ft is not, it can break and cause uncontrollable steering, possibly resulting in an accident. (24) When the 1 minute compression time has elapsed, remove the compression tool from the valve sleeve (37). Apply more grease to the valve sleeve seals, and grease the thrust washer face on the end of the valve sleeve without the drive slots. Place the other thrust washer (38) onto the valve sleeve end without the drive slots. WARNING Do  not  force  valve  sleeve  down  into  the  valve  housing.  Make sure    valve    sleeve    seal    rings    are    compressed.    In-    correct assembly   or   incorrect   measurement   may   cause   the   thrust washers or thrust bearing to break during gear operation, which will result in uncontrollable steering. (25) Assemble the valve sleeve (37) with attached thrust washer down, into the valve housing (35). When the valve sleeve is in place, it should measure between .370 and .400 inches (9.40-10.16 mm) above the face of the valve housing to the end of the valve sleeve nose. WARNING Worm shaft and valve sleeve units are assembled and supplied as  matched  sets.  Use  only  prematched  sets  for  replacements. Never mate an old sleeve with a new worm or an old worm with a  new  sleeve.  To  do  so  may  damage  the  gear  or  injure  the driver or do both during operation. (26) Position the rack piston (46) so that it is flush with the open end of the gear housing (1 8). Rotate the worm shaft (1) until it extends out of the rack piston as far as it will go. WARNING If you place an incorrect valve sleeve on a worm and assemble this into the gear, the gear will not function properly. Instead, the mechanism  will  jerk  the  steering  wheel  with  such  force  that  it could injure the driver. (27) Locate the timing mark on the valve sleeve (37), a faint, punched mark on the chamfered edge of the valve sleeve or an indented mark on the front face of the sleeve. Locate the scribed timing mark on the worm shaft (1). Next, grasp the valve housing (35) face and your fingers apply pressure to keep the valve sleeve in the valve housing. Align the previously located timing marks and place the valve housing/valve sleeve assembly onto the input shaft end of the worm shaft/input shaft (1) until the drive lugs are fully engaged in the valve sleeve slots. 5-230

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