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Page Title: Assembly (cont)
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TM 5-4210-233-14&P-1 5-39.  STEERING GEAR-Continued (7)   Assembly 34 balls (52) into the ball return guides (51) and rack piston (46). Drop the balls through the hole provided in the ball return guides. As you drop the balls, rotate the worm shaft/input shaft (1) to pull the balls down into the grooves. WARNING Do  not  turn  the  worm  shaft  or  allow  the  rack  piston  to  move after  you  remove  the  pencil.  If  the  worm  shaft  or  rack  piston move before ball return guides are in place, a ball may move into  the  dead  track  beyond  the  ball  return  guides.  This  can result in a steering lockup, which could cause an accident. (8)   For ball return guides which do not have the hole in top, follow this procedure.  Insert the eraser end of a pencil into one ball return guide hole of the rack piston as far as it will go. Drop 22 balls (of the 34 total) into the other ball return guide hole of the rack piston. Turn the worm shaft input shaft (1 6) to advance the balls toward the other hole. You willfeel resistance at the pencil after you drop the 22nd ball. At this time, a ball will be visible at the base of each hole. Remove the pencil. (9)   Coat the ball return guides (51) liberally with grease and insert the remaining 12 balls into a guide half. Join the guide halves together and install this subassembly into the rack piston. WARNING Rotate  the  worm  shaft  from  end  of  travel  to  end  of  travel,  to make  certain  that  you  have  installed  the  balls  properly.  If  you cannot  rotate  the  shaft,  you  will  have  to  remove  the  balls  and reassemble them. If you install the gear on a truck with the shaft unable to rotate, the gear will not function, which could cause an accident. (10)  Install the ball return guide clip(48) so that both bolt hole faces are in full contact with the rack piston (46) surface. Install two hexagon head bolts (50). Torque the bolts to 14-22 ft. Ibs. (1 9-30 N.m). Finish by bending up the lock tabs on the ball return guide clip against the bolt heads. CAUTION Be  certain  that  the  seal  enters  the  long  end  last;  otherwise,  a large section of the seal will be cut and the vehicle will have no power steering assist. (11)  Position the housing (18) securely in a vise as it was for the disassembly procedures. Apply a generous amount of clean grease to the Teflon rack piston seal (47) and to the housing cylinder bore. Install the rack piston (46) worm shaft/input shaft (1) assembly into the long end of the housing so that the Teflon rack piston seal goes in last. 5-227

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