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Assembly-continued -706880903
TM-5-4210-233-14-P-1 Firfighting Truck 100 Ft. Aerial Ladder 1000 GPM Manual
Adjustment -706880905
TM 5-4210-233-14&P-1
5-39. STEERING GEAR-Continued
As you place the sector shaft through the housing
bearing (20), be careful not to knock out any of the
bearing rolls. Be careful also not to pinch the side
cover gasket (1 7). Should be the bearing rolls be
knocked out, or the side cover gasket pinched,
premature bearing and seal failure may occur, which
could result in a loss of power steering assist.
With the rack piston (46) in its center position, torque the worm shaft/input shaft adjusting screw
(26) into solid height (15 to 20 ft. Ibs [20.3 to 27.1 N.m]). Then loosen the adjusting screw 1/4 to 1/2
turn and note torque required to rotate worm shaft/input shaft (1) through 900 each side of center.
Loosen adjusting screw H noted input shaft torque exceeds 15 in. Ibs. (1.7 N.m). Return rack piston
to center position.
Clean off any old tape on the sector shaft (2) serrations. Retape the serrations and bolt groove with
one layer of tape. Assemble the sector shaft (2) side cover (1 5) assembly into the gear housing
(18), with the center tooth of the sector shaft engaging the tooth space between the second and
third teeth on the rack piston.
Assemble the eight special ring head bolts (14) and torque them to 150-170 ft. Ibs. (203-230 N.m)
if dry or 108-125 ft. Ibs. (146-174 N.m) if lubricated.
Place the trunnion cover (6) on a bench to install the new seal package. Start with the Teflon
backup washer (13).
The words "oil side" must be visible. If not, the seal will not
function and a loss of power steering assist may occur.
Assemble the two-piece sector shaft seal (12) so that the words "oil side" are visible.
Grease the new trunnion cover seal ring (11) with high temperature grease (Item 15, Appendix E)
and install it into the trunnion cover seal ring groove.
Before installing the trunnion cover (6) and seal assembly onto the housing (18), visually inspect
the housing bearing (1 6) to insure that all bearing rolls are properly in place. Then, install the
trunnion cover. Install four trunnion cover bolts (9) and washers (1 0) and torque the bolts to 15-22
ft. Ibs. (20-30 N.M) if dry or 1 1-16 ft. Ibs. (15-22 N.m) if lubricated. Pack high temperature grease
(Item 15, Appendix E) around the seal area of sector shaft (2). Install a new dirt and water seal (5).
Apply more of the high temperature grease around the seal area of sector shaft and to the new
protector boot (3) in the area inside of the smaller diameter ring. Assemble the protector boot onto
the sector shaft and trunnion cover. Locate the boot grease fitting hole toward the input shaft end
of gear assembly. Insert grease fitting (4) into protector boot.
Apply clean high temperature grease to the input shaft seal assembly (43), washer (42) and to the
input shaft. Install the new two-piece input shaft seal (43) flat side out and the steel backup washer
(42), using seal driving tool (Appendix B, Section 111, Item 89). Install the retaining ring (41).

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