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Page Title: BODY-CAB
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TM 5-4210-230-14&P-1 VEHICLE MAINTENANCE AXLE-REAR (With Locking Differential) CAUTION To avoid personal injury or property damage, pay strict attention to the following: If     a     truck     is     equipped     with     a     locking differential,  power  will  be  transmitted  to  the opposite  rear  wheel  or  axle  if  one  of  the  rear wheels  or  axles  slips.    Both  rear  wheels  or both rear axles must be raised free of ground if  it  is  necessary  to  operate  one  rear  wheel with  truck  stationary;  otherwise,  the  wheel  or axle  that  is  not  raised  will  pull  vehicle  off  its support. BODY-CAB Frequent  and  regular  washing  will  lengthen  the  life  of your new vehicle's painted finish and bright metal trim. WASHING:  Wash your vehicle often with warm or cold water  to  remove  dirt  and  preserve  the  original  luster  of  the paint.  Never wash the vehicle in the direct rays of the hot sun or when the sheet metal is hot to the touch, as this may cause streaks on the finish.  Do not use hot water or strong soaps or detergents or wipe off dirt when the surface is dry as this will scratch the paint. WAXING  OR  POLISHING  VEHICLES :    Prior  to  use  of  any wax or polish, vehicle must be thoroughly washed. BRIGHT    METAL    CARE:        Bright    metal    such    as anodized  aluminum,  chrome  and  stainless  steel,  require  the same  washing  as  painted  surfaces.  A  non-abrasive  chrome cleaner may be used sparingly to clean the bright metal.  Do not use steel wool.  Use of automobile wax or polish on bright metal usually will restore the original brightness. UPHOLSTERY   CARE:      Use   a   whisk   broom   and   vacuum cleaner  to  remove  loose  dust  and  dirt  from  upholstery  and floor.  Vinyl and woven plastic upholstery can be washed with warm water and mild soap, wipe dry.  If commercial cleaners are used, follow instructions supplied with cleaner. BRAKES (Air) AIR COMPRESSOR (Air Cleaner) Some engines are equipped with air compressors that have an air cleaner mounted directly to the air compressor. For servicing, refer to Engine Lubrication Section. AIR RESERVOIR MOISTURE DRAINING Moisture  taken  in  with  the  air  through  the  compressor inlet  valves  collects  in  the  reservoirs  and  NECESSITATES DRAINING  THE  RESERVOIR  DAILY  IN  COLD  WEATHER AND  ONCE  A  WEEK  IN  WARM  WEATHER  by  opening  the drain  cock  located  either  on  the  bottom  of  the  tank  or  in  the end of the tank.  If in the end of the tank, there must be some air pressure in the system to assure proper drainage.  Be sure to close the drain cocks after all moisture has been expelled. The  Automatic  Reservoir  Drain  Valve  ejects  moisture and contaminants from the reservoir in which it is connected. It  operates  automatically  and  requires  no  manual  assistance or control lines from other sources. BRAKE ANTILOCK SYSTEM The brake antilock monitor (warning) light may be used to quickly trouble shoot the antilock system.  The warning light will indicate to the operator or serviceman that the system is functioning properly or not. Satisfactory System A  satisfactory  antilock  system  is  indicated  each  time the   ignition   key   switch   is   turned   to   either   "ON"   or   "RUN" position with the antilock warning light momentarily illuminating, followed by the light going out and remaining off. This indicates that the computer modules are receiving power and    the    solenoid    valves    are    properly    connected    to    the computer modules. Warning Light Will Not Illuminate No  light  when  the  ignition  key  switch  is  turned  "ON" could be the result of no power to the antilock system or the light bulb is burned out.  Check for bad fuse or light bulb. Warning Light Remains On If  the  warning  light  should  remain  "ON"  a  problem  is indicated in the antilock control system.  Should this condition occur  the  service  brakes  will  function  in  the  normal  manner; however,   the   vehicle   will   not   have   the   added   safety   and advantage of the antilock. If the antilock warning light comes on and stays on, the antilock    system    should    have    an    "Ignition    Cycle    Check" performed to determine if all or any computer modules and air control  valves  are  operating  satisfactorily.    Refer  to  "Ignition Cycle Check". 1

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