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Page Title: Moving Seat
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TM5-421 0-229-1 4&P 2-16.  OPERATION OF HYDRAULIC RESCUE TOOL (Continued). 2. If there is no room available to work from the inside of the door, insert the jaws of the closed tool between the top of the door and the frame.  Open the tool.  The top hinge will fracture.  Relocate the tool and break the low hinge and remove the door. 3. The hinges of the rear door are exposed when the front door is opened or removed.  Insert the closed tool between the door frame and the door and open the tool until the hinges break.  If the tool is opened to its full 32 inches.  the safety door latch may break. 4 If the latch doesn't break.  insert the tips of the jaws of the closed tool into the opening between the door' and the frame that was produced when the hinges were broken and the door pushed out.  Spread the jaws and relocate the tool until the jaws are firmly seated.  Open the tools' arms,  break the latch and remove the door. c.  Moving Seat. 1. To push the seat to the rear,  open the tool until one jaw is against the door frame and the other on the frame of the set.  Open the tool and slide the set to the rear off the end of the seat track. 2. To raise the steering column from the inside of the passenger compartment,  open the tool wide enough to place one jaw on the edge of the door frame and the other under the steering column.  Make sure the jaw  on  the  column  has  a  firm  seat  on  the  column  housing.    Open  the  tool  until  the  column  has  been pushed away from the patient. (2)  Cutting procedures. a. Cutting B Center Column. To cut B pillar,  open the cutter wide enough to surround the column with the doors open or closed.  Close the tool.  The tool will close outward and not into the passenger space. b. Cutting A Windshield Column. 1.   To cut the A pillar,  open the cutter wide enough to pass the cutter blade points over the pillar.  The inside arm is positioned over the dashboard,  the other outward of the windshield.  Close the tools' arms.  The in- side arm will push outward against the glass as the tool closes.  The cut is complete with the jaw tips 6 inches apart. 2.   The cutter tips easily penetrate the windshield and the outward pressure of the inside arm pushes the glass out to make removal of the roof possible. c.   Cutting Roof Rail. 1.   To cut the vehicle roof open the tool arms far.  enough for. the tips of the cutter. blades to fit over the roof rail.  Push the tool forward until the blades are fully engaged.  The inside arm will be pulled against the ve- hicle roof as soon as the arms start to close. 2.   The cutter' blades pierce the roof and cut the roof rail and roof when the tips of the blades are still open about 6 inches at the tips. Tie roof securely to prevent the roof from falling on tool operator or victim. 3.   The arms are closed all the way.  The roof is clamped between the jaws and creased for folding back. 2-67

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