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Page Title: Cylinder sleeve installation
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TM5-4210-229-14&P 6-12.  PISTON AND CONNECTING ROD MAINTENANCE (Continued). The oil regulating ring coil spring must be installed in the groove before the ring. (7) Position the split of the top ring 30°  from the piston pin bore.  Position the split of the second ring 180°  from the top ring and posi- tion the split of the oil ring 90°  from the second. b.  Cylinder sleeve installation. (1) Clean and dry the bore (in the crankcase) and flange counterbore.  Also clean and dry the sleeve. CAUTION When a new piston or a new piston and con- necting rod assembly are being installed, install a matched set of pistons and sleeves. (2) Cylinder sleeve protrusion check. (a) Place each sleeve in the crankcase without the O-rings.  Clamp the sleeve down using three holding adapters. (Make sleeve holding adapters locally). (b) Use one of the hardened washers under each cap screw.  Space the bolts to ob- tain uniform pressure on this sleeve flange.  Torque the bolts in three stages: 40 ft-lb (55 N.m), 80 ft-lb (110 N.m) and 120 ft-lb (165 N.m). (c) Place a dial indicator, with block, across the cylinder sleeve. (d) With the dial indicator set on the flange of the cylinder sleeve, adjust the indi- cator to zero.  Move the indicator block until the pointer drops to the crankcase deck and take a reading. (e) If the sleeve flange is below the crank- case deck, rest the indicator pointer on the crankcase deck and set the indica- tor at zero.  Move the indicator block until the pointer drops to the sleeve flange and take a reading. (f) Take readings at three or four points around the sleeve and use the average reading to determine which shim, if any, is needed to bring the protrusion within the 0.002 to 0.005 in (0.05 to 0.13 mm) specification. (3) Shim and O-ring installation. (a) Remove the clamping bolts and washers. Clean the top deck of the crankcase and the cylinder sleeve counterbore.  Clean the sleeve. (b) Install the shin (if necessary) in the counterbore. (c) Coat the sealing O-rings with clean oil (Appendix D, Item 37) and install them into the grooves in the sleeves (without twist).  The rings must be installed in the following order: bottom, center and top. CAUTION Be sure the O-ring is properly aligned in the groove. (d) Brush the sealing ring contacting sur- face in the crankcase with clean oil (Ap- pendix D, Item 37). (e) Install the sleeve carefully into the same bore it was removed from.  Press into place by hand. 6-34

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