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Page Title: REPAIR (cont)
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REPAIR - TM-5-4210-220-34_438
TM-5-4210-220-34 Truck Firefiighting 1000 GPM Multipurpose Model 2500L Manual
REPAIR (cont) - TM-5-4210-220-34_440
TM 5-4210-220-34 3-8. ENGINE - Continued (5) Clean all parts with dry cleaning solvent (item 10, Appendix B) and dry them with compressed air. (6) Using compressed air, blow the oil passage in the blower drive support to make sure It is clean (7) Check the inside diameter of the blower drive gear bushings for wear or overheating.  Support bushing (I.D.) inner diameter should be 1 6260 to 1.6265 In (41.3004 to 41 3131 mm) (8) Check the blower drive support hub diameter for wear or overheating.  Hub diameter (at bearing) should be 1.624 to 1.6250 in.  (41.2496 to 41.2750 mm) (9) Using the measurements from steps 7 and 8 preceding, determine the clearance between the blower drive gear  bushings  and  the  hub  support.    Hub-to-support  bushing  clearance  should  be  0.0010  to  0.0025  in. (0.0254 to 00635 mm) (10) Examine thrust washer and thrust bearings for scoring or wear.  Thrust washer thickness should be 0.2350 to 0.2450 in.  (5.969 to 6.223 mm).  Thrust bearing thickness should be 0.0590 to 0.0610 in.  (1.4986 to 1.5494 mm) (11) Inspect the gear teeth for scoring, pitting, burning, or wear. (12) Inspect the flex plates for crack or wear. (13) Examine the serrations in the blower drive hub for wear or cracks. (14) Replace worn or damaged parts as necessary. (15) If new bearings (13) are installed, the outer end of each bearing must be pressed in flush to 0.010 in.  (0.254 mm) below the face of the gear.  The bearings must be reamed to the dimensions listed in step 7 preceding and have a 20 microinch finish after installation.  The bearing bores must be square with the machined faces of the bolt bosses on the gear within 0.003 in.  (0.0762 mm) total indicator reading and concentric with the pitch diameter of the gear teeth. NOTE To assemble the blower drive gear assembly carry out steps 16 thru 25. (16) Support the blower drive support (1) in the soft jaws of a vise. (17) Position thrust bearing (12) on the support (1) so that the tangs on the thrust bearing aline with the holes in the support. (18) Lubricate the hub of the support (1), the bushings in the gear (11), both thrust bearings (10 and 12) and the blower drive gear support thrust washer (9) with engine oil (item 17, Appendix B). (19) Slide the gear (11) on the blower drive support hub (1) with the flat side of the gear down. (20) Install the second thrust bearing (10) so that the tangs are facing up. 3-149

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