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Page Title: repair (cont)
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repair (cont) - TM-5-4210-220-34_403
TM-5-4210-220-34 Truck Firefiighting 1000 GPM Multipurpose Model 2500L Manual
repair (cont) - TM-5-4210-220-34_405
TM 5-4210-220-34 3-8. ENGINE Continued 3-8.3 Blower Continued NOTE To avoid breakage or distortion, do not spread or twist the ring anymore than necessary to remove it. (25)   Place the seal ring carrier remover adapter J6270-2 over the carrier (33). Make sure the adapter is seated in the groove of the carrier. (26)   Back out the center screw of puller J6270-31 far enough to permit the puller flange to lay flat against the adapter J6270-2. (27)   Place the puller over the end of the rotor shaft and against the adapter on the oil seal ring carrier. Aline the holes in the puller flange with the tapped holes in the adapter, then secure the puller to the adapter with two bolts. (28)   Turn the puller screw clockwise and pull the oil seal ring carrier and roller bearing inner race (front end of blower rotors only) from the rotor shaft. (29)   Remove the remaining oil seal ring carriers (33) from all remaining rotor shafts as detailed in steps 23 thru 29 preceding. NOTE To  remove  the  oil  seals  and  bearings  from  the  end  plates,  carry  out  steps  30  thru  32.  If  the  bearing  is good, only the oil seal has to be removed; carry out steps 33 thru 36. (30)   Support the outer face of the blower end plate on wood blocks on the bed of an arbor press. (31)   Place the long end of the oil seal remover and installer J6270-3 down through the oil seal ring collar and into the bearing, with the opposite end of the remover under the ram of the press. Then, press the bearing and oil seal ring collar out of the end plate. (32)   Remove the remaining bearings and oil seal ring collars from the end plates in the same manner. (33)   Insert the two-piece collar remover with the O-ring J6270-15, in the collar with the lip of the remover on the inside edge of the collar. (34)   Support the inner face of the blower end plate on wood blocks. (35)   Insert the small end of the driver handle J6270-17 through the bearing and into the collar remover, spreading it tight in the collar. (36)   Press or tap on the driver handle to remove the collar. WARNING Dry cleaning solvent P-D-680 (safety or Stoddard’s solvent) is potentially dangerous. Avoid repeated and prolonged  breathing  of  vapors  and  skin  contact  with  the  liquid.  Do  not  use  near  open  flame,  arcing equipment or other ignition sources. Always wear eye protection and protective clothing. The flash point of P-D-680 is 100 to 138 deg. F (30 to 59 deg. C). 3-114

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