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is underneath the differential.  Inspect magnetic drain plug for
particles Report any found to direct maintenance. Clean and refit
plug. Remove filter/level plug. Fill differential until oil just flows out of
1A. ENGINE OIL - MAIN ENGINE. Check the engine oil level daily
hole Replace plug. (For greasing of axles, see Note 10 and 15.)
after the engine has stopped. Wait 20 minutes before checking level
Remove plug from tee in vent pipe on diff. lock air cylinder. Check
on the dipstick.
oil level. Change oil every 500 hours or every 6 months. Oil should
be Dexron II as this is safe at all temperatures.
1B. ENGINE OIL - MAIN ENGINE. Change the oil and oil filter every
12,500 miles or 250 hrs. or as required by AOAP. If under AOAP,
sample oil once per week and change as notified. When operating in
dusty areas change oil and oil filter every 6,000 miles or 75 hrs. in
very cold temperatures, change the oil every 1000 milers. Always
drain the oil when the engine is at operating temperature. Report any
All components of the drive line should be regressed after
metal particles in the oil or present on the magnetic oil plug to unit
each cross-country mission Water/dirt could enter the
maintenance immediately After replacing the filter run the engine for
components via the seals.
5 minutes checking the filter sea! for leaks. Tighten or replace as
required. Check oil level on dipstick and add oil as required.
Grease all components every 100 hours or monthly whichever is
sooner The drive line has 5 universal joints, two slip joints and a
2.  ENGINE AIR CLEANER. Check the air cleaner gage each day,
center bearing.  All components should be greased until grease
with the engine running and at operating temperature. Request Unit
appears out of the seals.  Lubricate the slip joint until grease is
Maintenance, replace the air filter if the gage Is in the red band. The
expelled from the pressure relief hole in the welch plug, then cover
filter and canister is replaced as a unit, It is not serviceable.
hole with finger and continue to apply grease until it appears at the
dust cap.
6. REDUCER GEARBOX Check oil level every week Oil should be
at the top of the level tube. Top up via the vent/fill plug as required.
Do not add fluid when engine is running, but cold. The
Change the oil every 500 hours or 6 months. Remove drain plug to
level of fluid will not show up on the dipstick. Adding fluid
drain oil. Replace and top up as noted above
above the required level can cause overheating.
7.  FIRE PUMP. Check oil level every week Oil level should be at
Check the transmission fluid level each day. To verify the level of
the neck of the oil level plug.  Change oil every 500 hours or 6
fluid In the transmission, allow transmission to reach operating
months Remove level plug (mounted directly below oil filler/breather)
temperature of 180 to 200 degresse F To achieve temperature rise to
and the drain plug (below level plug). When oil has drained, refit the
the normal operating range on the MACI Truck, the vehicle should be
drain plug Add oil via the oil filler/breather until oil flows out of oil level
run at high idle for approximately 10 minutes (this assumes a normal
plug hole Replace level and filler plugs and run pump for 10 minutes.
ambient temperature).  With the parking brake applied, shift the
Recheck oil level and top up as required.
engine through all drive ranges prior to check Then, shift to neutral.
If the fluid registers in the HOT RUN band marked on the dipstick,
the transmission may be operated safely If it registers on or below the
bottom line of the HOT RUN band, do not operate the truck.
All components of the dnve line should be regreased after
each cross-country mission.  Water/dirt could enter the
If fluid Is checked when engine Is cold and not running,
components via the seals.
fluid should read 4 to 41/2 inches above the HOT RUN
band of the dipstick.
Lubricate every 100 hours or each month with grease.  Each
constant velocity joint and each universal joint should be lubricated
3B.  TRANSMISSION If oil level Is low, add the required amount of
To lubricate a constant velocity joint, remove one of the pipe plugs
oil to bring the level up to the middle of the HOT RUN band. Approxi-
from the face Pump grease Into the joint until grease first appears at
mately 1 quart of oil is required to move the oil level from the bottom
the pipe plug Replace pipe plug.
to the middle of the HOT RUN band. Never overfill the transmission.
Change the transmission fluid and filter every 500 hours or 6 months
9A. STEERING FLUID Check oil level daily via dipstick on top of
or when the AOAP requires.  Sample the oil once/week  Always
change the fluid and filter If there Is evidence of dirt or the fluid is
discolored or has a strong odor Whenever the oil Is changed, clean
9B.  STEERING FLUID. If steering fluid level is below the low level
pump suction filter screen in transmission sump.  After the oil
mark, add oil until it Is midway between the upper and lower marks.
change, always recheck level when engine Is running and all gears
Change oil and oil filter once every 500 hours or 6 months Remove
have been selected to be sure all oil spaces are filled in the
the return hose from the steering gear and place a bucket beneath
the gear. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel from left to
right until all the oil has drained. Clean any dirt and grease from the
4. AXLE DIFFERENTIALS. Check fluid level in the axle differentials
reservoir cover.  Remove the reservoir cover and filter element.
every 100 hours or each month whichever is sooner. Park truck on
Clean inside of reservoir with a lint free cloth. Install a new filter
level surface, remove level plug on differential. Oil should be level
element and replace cover Reconnect hose to steering gear Refill
with the hole. Add as required. Change oil every 500 hours or every
steering fluid reservoir with engine running and turning steering wheel
6 months or as directed by AOAP Always drain when the oil Is at
continuously from lock to lock until proper level Is maintained
operating temperature, i.e., lust returned from a mission. Drain plug
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